The interconnection hub since 25 years

DE-CIX – The world’s leading interconnection provider

DE-CIX is the world’s largest peering and interconnection hub. In Germany alone, our unique infrastructure connects more than 50 data centers, provides access to 50+ cloud providers and lets over 1,000 networks exchange their data. We have been a trusted, data center and carrier neutral interconnection partner for Internet service providers, networks operators and carriers for over 25 years. More information can be found on de-cix.net.

DE-CIX – The world’s largest neutral interconnection ecosystem

We do not just provide you with access to one central cloud or many clouds – but to more international and regional clouds than anybody else. We will give you direct access to networks, data centers and clouds with minimal latency. Your advantage? In the medium run, you will need to be able to make data available decentralized at any time – which we already enable you to do today, creating a flexible infrastructure which fulfills today’s and tomorrow’s interconnection needs.

DE-CIX – A security pioneer

DE-CIX not only offers a secure cloud connection which bypasses the Internet. Our Blackholing service protects you against DDoS attacks; filter and security mechanisms (i. a. RPKI validation) at the DE-CIX route servers minimize your risk of IP hijacking – and you reduce routing instabilities. DE-CIX is ISO 27001 and BSI certified, is part of and drives numerous initiatives aiming at establishing industry standards and improving security in the Internet.