One Access. All Clouds. All Networks.

DE-CIX InterconnectionFLEX


InterconnectionFLEX provides you with a complete interconnection package. As a holistic solution for peering, cloud connectivity and private network interconnects (PNIs), it offers you direct access to over 50 clouds, 1000+ local and international networks and over 100 data centers in Germany and Europe – with one single contract and full flexibility.

Including comprehensive interconnection consulting and access to the DE-CIX Academy.


InterconnectionFLEX gives you the opportunity to reach more than 50 clouds via your private direct access – for optimal bandwidth. Maximize the performance of your cloud applications such as Office 365 by connecting directly to the Microsoft Cloud for efficient team collaboration or the output of your archiving solution via Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services. In addition to large international providers, InterconnectionFLEX gives you access to numerous regional and local specialist providers.



1,000+ networks

InterconnectionFLEX lets you peer with over 1,000 local and international networks, enabling direct connection to the networks of your most important partners – thus optimizing your network infrastructure.

100+ data centers

With InterconnectionFLEX, you can reach networks at 100+ data centers in Germany and Europe – fast and secure via direct VLAN connections.



We help you leveraging the investments in your infrastructure quickly and efficiently. In doing so, we focus on your individual needs and tailor our solution to your company. We conduct an initial interconnection workshop with you and repeat it on an annual basis. After analyzing potential improvements in the areas of peering, transit and the cloud, we will advise you on how to optimize your network infrastructure. In addition, we continuously support you around your interconnection challenges – for instance when it comes to setting up your VLAN connections to Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud etc., establishing your BGP sessions correctly or getting the connection between your location and the cloud up and running.

With 25 years of experience, we are experts in interconnection, peering and cloud connections. We’ll be happy to advise you on how to optimally position yourself to meet the interconnection needs of today and tomorrow.

DE-CIX Academy

Our expertise is your expertise – because we share our knowledge with you. The DE-CIX Academy’s training courses are available to our customers at any time, enabling you to train yourself and your employees regarding BGP, cloud and many other interconnection topics. Take advantage of this opportunity, gain in-depth insights into our 25 years of expertise and get ready for the networking needs of tomorrow.