Your interconnection solution for today and tomorrow

Your all-round carefree package for interconnection

No more negotiations, protracted production launches, tough infrastructure projects and dependence on one supplier.

Instead: Flexible connection to all relevant clouds, networks and data centers. InterconnectionFLEX allows you to get access to the ecosystem of the world’s leading interconnection provider – for stable connections with the lowest possible latency.

Direct connections with lowest latency

We provide you with access to more than 50 clouds – bypassing Internet – and connect you to more than 1000 local and international networks as well as 100+ data centers in Germany and Europe.

Direct connection enables you to achieve minimal latency. No more waiting for documents to build up, but direct and collaborative work in the cloud. Uninterrupted product development in cloud-based tools instead of slowly loading models and simulations. No annoying buffering times during video streaming – but smooth films with perfect sound quality. Business intelligence in real-time instead of permanent delays.

Increase the efficiency of tomorrow’s systems today and gear-up for growing data volumes and new applications.

Always online: unique and highly stable infrastructure

Join the safe side. The DE-CIX infrastructure is set up redundantly in all areas to ensure your business processes and important workloads run stable around the clock.

Trust a reliable partner to minimize downtimes and support tickets and guarantee the continuous connection of your systems. No unexpected connectivity problems, but constant control over the performance of your infrastructure. Always-on becomes the status quo with InterconnectionFLEX: you will never be offline with DE-CIX. Our infrastructure always offers you a stable and reliable connection. Say goodbye to revenue losses caused by a lack of connectivity.

Secure cloud access

InterconnectionFLEX offers you direct connections to over 50 clouds. From over 100 data centers in Germany and Europe, on redundant connections, direct and bypassing the Internet. This minimizes attack vectors on your infrastructure and ensures a secure, stable connection to your preferred cloud providers. You can set yourself up redundantly, change cloud providers at any time or upgrade existing connections on a daily basis.

Complete vendor flexibility and scalability

You decide which clouds and networks you want to be connected to or peer with. Today, tomorrow and the day after.

Stay in full control by not relying on a single cloud but benefiting from our extensive provider portfolio. Connect to or disconnect from new VLAN, cloud or peering connections every day and select other or additional data centers as connection points, without effort or additional costs.

InterconnectionFLEX provides you with full bandwidth from day one, and you can expand it at any time – up to 100 GE, upon request even multiple 100 or 400 GE. Providing you with a foundation for your multi-cloud and networking strategy – and keeping all your options open for the future.

Cost efficiency: All services, one price.

Access to the platform can be cancelled to the day.

Thanks to the consumption-independent billing, you can efficiently plan and budget your expenses with InterconnectionFLEX.

No surprises: Even with the selection of new clouds or a new VLAN, the current monthly costs do not change due to the FLEX model. Invoicing takes place quarterly in advance, empowering you to plan your budget reliably.

Minimal administration effort

Once ordered as a package, InterconnectionFLEX allows you to connect to or disconnect from clouds, networks and data centers on a daily basis. Without a time-consuming quotation and ordering process. With less time expenditure for all parties involved.

The entire WAN requirements of your company are taken care of with a single contract. No permanent cost negotiations and approvals – new clouds can be booked immediately without any inconvenient purchasing process.